Foghorn Leghorn Quotes


Welcome to the barnyard, and humble abode of Foghorn Leghorn Quotes.  My name is in fact, Foghorn J. Leghorn, and I will be your host and narrator during your visit here on the farm.

First and foremost for your entertainment pleasure, allow me to introduce my fellow cast members.  Beginning with the barnyard hussy and lady of the house … henhouse that is, the lovely Miss Prissy, affectionally known around here as the widow hen.’  Next, that conniving canine and unsuspecting recipient of most of my pranks, my co-star, George P. Dog, better known as the Barnyard Dawg.”

We proceed on to that hip rooster from the ‘yard’ next door, the ‘crooner’ who fancies himself quite the ladies man, that banty” beatnik with the goatee … “like uh, link us man, link us.” Last but certainly not least … in his own mind anyway, ‘that boy’ who still proclaims, “I’m a chicken hawk!I give you Henery, “nice kid but he’s gettin’ too big for his britches.”

Supporting cast members include:  Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Kid Banty, Egghead Jr. Elvis & Pappy, plus my old college chum, Rhode Island Red.

All of this would not have been possible were it not for the illustrative genius and gentleman who gave me my start back in ’46.’  The man responsible for the 28 cartoons in which your host and friends appear … creator & director, Mr. Robert “Bob” McKimson.  And of course, the gentleman who gave me the voice & dialect you’ve come to know and love, my friend and confidant, Mr. Mel Blanc.

So, herein lie the ‘looney’ escapades of my cohorts, “myself included” as we take that stroll down memory lane, and recapture the laughter and funny moments of times past.  Click on a link or page above, watch Foghorn Leghorn cartoons on my YouTube & Vimeo channels, and be prepared to laugh to your heart’s content.

As an aside, when you’re finished here and find yourself in need of more laughs and stress reduction, head on over and see my rowdy cartoon counterpart, Yosemite SamHe, I say, ‘he’ll be waitin’ for ya.’