Foghorn Leghorn Sayings

Foghorn Leghorn loud mouth Schnook“Love that dog … love that dog”
“What’s it all about boy, elucidate!”
“That’s a joke, I say that’s a joke son”
“Go, I say go away boy, you bother me”
“His muscles are as soggy as a used tea bag”
“I made a funny son and you’re not laughin’
“That boy’s about as sharp as a bowling ball”
“I keep pitchin’ ‘em and you keep missin’ ‘em”
“That boy’s as timid as a canary at a cat show”
“Fortunately I always keep a spare in my locker”
“That woman’s as cold as a nudist on an iceberg”
“Nice mannered kid, just a little on the dumb side”
“That kid’s about as sharp as a pound of wet liver”
“You’re way off, I say you’re way off this time son!”
“Nice girl, but about as sharp as a sack of wet mice”Foghorn Leghorn on the Farm
“Nice boy but he’s got more nerve than a bum tooth”
“I say, boy, pay attention when I’m talkin’ to ya, boy”
“Pay attention, boy, I’m cuttin’ but you ain’t bleedin’!”
“Smart boy, got a mind like a steel trap – full of mice”
“He’s so dumb he thinks a Mexican border pays rent”
“Hmmm, bare, I say bare as a cooch dancers midriff”
“Oh, that woman, got a mouth like an outboard motor”
“That dog’s like taxes, he just don’t know when to stop”
“That boy’s as strong as an ox, and just about as smart”
“Now I wonder what ol’ busy body widow hen is up to”
“Boy’s gotta mouth like a cannon, always shootin’ it off”
“This boy’s more mixed up than a feather in a whirlwind”
“That dog, I say that dog’s strictly GI – gibberin idiot that is”
“Don’t, I say don’t bother me dog, can’t ya see I’m thinkin’
“For-I say fortunately I always carry a spare set of feathers”
“That, I say that boy’s just like a tatoo, gets under your skin”
“Kid don’t quit talkin’ so much he’ll get his tongue sunburned”
“That dog, I say that dog is lower than a snake full of buckshot”
“That dog’s as subtle as a hand grenade in a barrrel of oat meal”
“Say boy, you cover about as much as a flapper’s skirt in a high wind”
“Pay attention to me boy! I’m not just talkin’ to hear my head roar”
“That’s the trouble with that fool dog, always shootin’ his mouth off”
“That’s what I’ve been – I say, that’s what I’ve been telling you, boy!”
“Now what, I say now what’s that skinny old hen doin’ up on the barn”
“That, I say that dog’s busier than a centipede at a toe countin’ contest”
“Now cut that out boy, or I’ll spank you where the feathers are thinnest”
“Look sister is any of this filterin’ through that little blue bonnet of yours”
“I got, I say I got this boy as fidgety as a bubble dancer with a slow leak”
“Stop, I say stop it boy, you’re doin’ alot of choppin’ but no chips are flyin’
“This is going to cause more confusion than a mouse in a burlesque show”
“You know there might, I say there just might be a market for bottled duck”
“What’s, I say what’s the big idea wrappin’ a lariat around my adams apple”
“Fortunately I keep my feathers numbered, for, for just such an emergency”
“What in the, I say what in the name of Jesse James do you suppose that is”
“Gal reminds me of a highway between Forth Worth and Dallas – no curves”
“Now what, I say what’s the big idea bashin’ me in the bazooka that-a-way boy!”
“She remi – I say, she reminds me of Paul Revere’s ride, a little light in the belfry”
“Now what, I say what’s the big idea bashin’ me on the noggin’ with a rollin’ pin!”
“Now who’s, I say who’s responsible for this unwarranted attack on my person!”
“This boy’s making more noise than a couple of skeletons throwin’ a fit on a tin roof”
“The snow, I say the snow’s so deep the farmers have to jack up the cows so they can milk’em”
“What a day for trampin’ through the woods … lump dum do di do do doh, doo dah, doo dah”
“Now that, I say that’s no way for a kid to be wastin’ his time, readin’ that long-haired gobbledegook”
“It’s sure, I say it’s sure quiet around here, you could hear a caterpillar sneakin’ across a moss bed in tennis shoes”
“As senior rooster ’round here, it’s my duty, and my pleasure, to instruct junior roosters in the ancient art of roostery”
“Hey boy, what’s the idea jackin’ that pot up under me?  Jack?  Pot?  Ahuh, huh … jack pot, that’s a joke son, don’t ya get it?”

140 thoughts on “Foghorn Leghorn Sayings

  1. My partner uses the phrase below at home for fun and he believes it’s from Froghorn Leghorn…
    “I say I love you Miss Prissy but you’re the wrong colour”
    Is he correct?

    • Probably related to “The Yolks On You”
      Foghorn Leghorn
      Miss Prissy
      Daffy Duck Part 1 of the special Daffy Duck’s Easter Special, this cartoon has a brief part for Foghorn in which he orders the hens to make colored Easter eggs. Prissy lays a golden egg, but it’s the wrong color so she throws it out. The rest of the cartoon involves Sylvester and Daffy fighting over the egg.

    • Actually…it goes “That boy’s smaller than the skinny end of nothing sharpened”! I LOVE that saying…you must be the other guy who remembers it! LOL!

  2. Here is the best one; “Boys so dumb, You put his brain on the sharp edge of a razor blade, it would look like a marble rolling down a 4 lane highway!!”

  3. ” what’s the matter dog, you look like 2 miles of bad road” .
    I just love that crazy rooster!

  4. Here is my text message ring tone.
    “Don’t stand, I say, Don’t Stand there Gawking son Speak up!! “

    • My ringtone for my aunt is, “That woman has a mouth like an outboard motor.” lol!! Suits her perfectly!!

  5. ” I say , I think it’s about time we buried the hatchet dog…..uh….not in your pointed head boy!!!!”

  6. What happen to the best one ” Hey boy……… U got any more of those long head books?’

  7. My favorite was always. “You must be standing in a hole boy. Everything I say goes Zoom, right over your head.” Does anyone know how I can get a sound clip of that?

  8. A great one occurred when the dog was building a “telescope” outta stovepipe (as a trick to catch Foggy) and as he was building it, Foggy comes by to aggravate him. “I don’t see nothin’ but a lotta empty air with a hole around it! It’s a fake, I say, it’s a fraud!”

  9. Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be
    running off the screen in Chrome. I’m not sure if this is
    a formatting issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.
    The design look great though! Hope you get the issue solved soon.

    • Thanks for the heads up … Just tried myself in Google Chrome and seems to be fine viewing on my laptop with a 15 inch screen. I haven’t tested the site yet for mobile capability.


  10. The best Foggy quote ever: “I wonder, I say I wonder, what the poor chickens are doing today?” – RAW RAW Rooster, opening scene

    • oopss!!!! correction,,,,—He started,I say he started running faster than a bobcat with a bird under his tail

  11. Boy I say boy!! (Lol) did I always love listening to this rooster’s crazy art of motor mouthing!!!! Floghorn Leghorn you Rock!!!! “busy as a centipede in a toe countin contest…” buahahahaha!!!!!

  12. I remember something with Foghorn Leghorn as a Confederate officer saying “Son, there ain’t no such thing as North Carolina! That’s just Upper South Carolina!” but I can’t find the quote anywhere.

  13. “I say , I say, that gals about as pretty as a boweevil on a compost heap!” Something like that can anyone remember that one?

  14. How about this one – anyone remember?
    “Boy, I say Boy! Never point a firearm in the general direction of an elder!”

  15. Can this list be forwarded to my email address. I want to give it to a true fan. He reintroduced Foghorn Leghorn to me again. I used to watch Looney Tunes as a child and enjoyed everyone of them.. I forgot how funny Foghorn is.. glad I found him again.. Thanks.. Deirdre

  16. This is awesome. I’m right in the middle of Chemo, been really sick and feeling a bit down. This is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks so much everyone. This really brought a huge smile to my face.

  17. My favorite – Foggy and the Dog are competing for the hand of Miss Prissy of all things. Of course the dog has tricked foggy into believing he is after her. Miss Prissy is eating it up. Foggy, despearte to beat the dog proposes to ans marries Miss Prissy! Then proudly claims ‘I won, i won!’ Miss Prissy then coos ‘yeeeees’. Then foggy looks at the camera and says ‘maybe I lost’!

  18. I distinctly recall Foggy saying something about “Smart as a sack of hammers”, but my computer’s sound board doesn’t work well, so unless it’s subtitled, I have no idea what’s being said in videos. Does he ever say this?

  19. my favourite is “Now who’s, I say who’s responsible for this unwarranted attack on my person!”

  20. I’m speechless. To see, read, or hear anything aboùt Foghorn. It’s been close to 50 years that i’ve been watching, and collecting anything
    “Foghorn Leghorn”.
    Do you consider me a matrimonial prodpect?..that”s what Foghorn was telling miss Prissy. UH that bonnette
    Miss prissy was wearing.. Does anyone’s paying attention when i’m talkin’

  21. Foghorn, doing backstroke in the lake, calls out to the chicken hawk “Sink me boy. I’m a battleship”

  22. Foghorn receives a shotgun blast to the face, and his beak goes flying. He retrieves and re-attaches it then utters
    “First time someone else has shot my mouth off”

  23. Two favorites:
    “That boy’s sharp as a bowling ball.”
    “The boy’s about as ohganized as a plate uh spaghetti.”

  24. “That’s one of them huley-huley girls shows. I’ve heard about them.
    Never been to one, though!”

  25. What’s the one where he says I’m about to hit you with the ugly stick or dog looked like he’d been hit by the ugly stick..
    I showed my nephew about six and a half seven a 4 minute cartoon Foghorn Leghorn .. (my sister was a bit upset we got over it quickly it was funny )a week later I overheard him tell his cousin my other nephew I’m about to hit you with ugly stick.

  26. I’ve got 2 of them.
    “That boys so dumb he thinks a labor party is a get together for expecting mothers.”
    “Hey dog, why do you do me like you do do do?

  27. (Looking at the dog apparenty moving on his flat belly just above the ground) : “Now, I say, now that’s an interesting way of locomotion…”

    • I have heard of that quote quite well and it is from the Bugs Bunny Show series where Bugs introduces Foghorn to bring on a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon.

  28. Trying to confirm that he said and/or find the episode where he said ” if I had a pup out of him I’d knock it in the head”. I think he said it but can’t find it.

  29. My All-time favorites:
    “That boy’s, about as sharp as a bowling ball”!
    “Fortunately, I keep my feathers numbered, for just such an ’emergency’!”

  30. Pay attention, I said pay attention when I’m talking to you gotta be a Magician to keep a boys attention for more than 5 minutes nowadays.

  31. A bit OT but who can forget the Dog’s famous retort to Henery The Chicken Hawk?

    “Hey…I ain’t no chicken, but I can tell youse where youse can find one big fat slob of a chicken!”

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  33. j.e.noel
    i say good boy, just dont pay attention,the fast ones ,there going right over your head, open your eyes richard, thats what they are there for

  34. “It’s hotter than the sweatband in a firemans helmet”. I still use that one and get eye rolls from my kids.

  35. Anyone remember THE CLASSIC Foghorn Leghorn Direction? “You see that sign over there that says D-O-G? Well that spells “CHICKEN! NOW GO GET ‘EM BOY!”

  36. What about the episode of the loud mouthed shmuck where he continues to talk through the credits. ” my daddy told me once to shut up, one time i almost starved to death……..wouldnt tell him i was hungry” as the credits try to shut him out.

  37. Oh my Gosh. Speaking of Fat. Roosters were fat. Even Foghorn Leghorn. If fact I say “Gosh.” I like that Rooster Foghorn Leghorn Mascot.” Most people played animation. Nice.

  38. I must say that Foghorn Leghorn is extraordinary. We owe a lot of thanks to the author and animators for this dynamic masterpiece with the best script features.

  39. Wasn’t it Foghorn that use to say, paraphrasing; Well now seems like a whole lof of corruption going on here. Or am I completely off base?

  40. Let’s see if you guys remember this…. there was a story where fighting thinks he has a son, but it was an ostrich changeling… the dog would say something about how the son was ugly and upon hearing that the ostrich would stick his head in the ground…. foghorn would say something to the effect of “go away dog, ya gonna give him a cahhhmplex….”

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