Foghorn’s Lineage – Lignaggio

Although you might recognize my voice and character to be that of Foghorn Leghorn, truth be said son, I did not come by this good ol’ boy Southern charm naturally or without a struggle.  You see, as a matter of fact, I am what is known as a leghorn rooster, a certain breed of chicken with origins in Central Italy, near the picturesque Region of Tuscany.  Tuscany, the cultural birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to such luminaries as Leonardo da Vinci & Michelangelo, while my proud roots and heritage begin in the port city of Livorno.

Believe it or not, when my humble ancestors flew the coop to come over on the boat to North America in the middle of the nineteenth century, we were initially called “Italianas.” It was later that we were bequeathed the name Leghorn, or “Livorno” as I’m known in my native tongue.

An average full grown male leghorn or “leggern” as some prefer, normally tips the scales at around 2 to 3 kilos, or 5 to 6 pounds, come in a variety of colors, and have a tendency to be somewhat aloof, flighty, and a little fussy.  ‘Fortunately’ I tend to fancy myself more of the ‘fun loving’, larger more peculiar variety of bird, with a penchant for mischief and roughhousing.

These days I’m happy living the good life, hangin’ out near the old henhouse, guarding those hens with a sharp eye out for both that barnyard dog …‘love that dog.’  And for Henery, that tenacious little chicken hawk, ‘nice boy but never listens to a word you say.’  Now, who can tell, one of these days the ‘widow hen’ and I, just might hearken to the sound of wedding bells and finally get hitched.  But I could just be whistlin’ Dixie, stay tuned.  Arriv…I say, arrivederci amico!



12 thoughts on “Foghorn’s Lineage – Lignaggio

  1. Foghorn’s greatest moment was when he hid in the woodbox playing hide and seek with the widder hen’s genius son. The genius figured out by slide rule, got a shovel and dug foghorn up from the dirt… a befuddled foghorn went to the woodbox… stopped and said “No… I better not look… I just MAY be in there!”

  2. Pat! Love the ref to S’s cat! Would very much like to hear visitors ‘ guesses as to what Foghorn would say if asked to explain his reluctance to look.

  3. Foghorn and my German grandfather (b. aught 4) had so much in common, I could even see it when I was just a kid in the 1960s. As much as I enjoy the boisterous charisma of Foghorn– I must admit, I often root for Egghead to be the mental victor. A Legacy of characters and storylines from 1946 to 2004? More Please.

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